Speech & Language: Expressing thoughts, feelings, wants and needs are essential life skills. Help your child express themselves and understand others to ensure future success.

Feeding & Nutrition: Picky eating and feeding problems are stressful for children and parents alike. Find out how to make mealtimes more successful and enjoyable for everyone.

Play & Social Skills: Children need skills to relate to others and experience the joys of friendship. Learn how to encourage your child's play, listening, attention and social skills to develop.

Literacy & Learning: Reading and writing difficulties are common, but often preventable. There are things you can do right now that will help your child achieve their own unique potential.

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When your child is having difficulty communicating or eating, you know it is holding them back. As a parent, finding advice and information you can trust can be overwhelming and confusing.  You just want your child to learn, grow and be happy so they can be their best self.

Speech Parent helps you get the best possible outcome for your child from the investment you make in speech and feeding therapy. We provide the support and advice you need to help your child talk, eat, play and learn better!


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Helping your child talk, eat, learn and play better

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