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Birth order and speech and language difficulties

Have you ever wondered if the birth order of your children contributes to speech and language difficulties? This video has the answer for you!

Teaching vocabulary through literacy instruction dos and don’ts

The dos and don'ts of teaching vocabulary through literacy instruction... hopefully you find this advice useful!

Why you shouldn’t give your children cough and cold medicines

If you've ever wondered about giving your little one cough and cold medicines here is a little information to help you make your decision.

Why children have trouble learning to talk

Ever wondered why some children have difficulty learning to talk? This video gives you a brief understanding of some of the reasons why some children experience difficulties when it comes to learning to talk.

My child is stuttering, should I be worried?

Can you hear a stutter when your child speaks? Here is a video to help you understand when it's a good time to seek assistance.

What stage of play is your child playing at?

Did you know there are stages of play? This video will help you understand what stage of play your little one is at.

What to look for in a literacy program

This video gives you a few tips on what to look for when looking into a literacy program for your little one.

Using a meal plan to help a picky eater

This video explains how using a meal plan can help a picky eater and make meal times less stressful.

Picky eaters vs problem feeders

Comparing picky eaters and problem feeders and knowing the difference.

How to know if your baby is at risk of speech and language delay

This video tells you about some of the signs that your baby may be at risk of language delay.