Why you shouldn’t give your children cough and cold medicines

If you've ever wondered about giving your little one cough and cold medicines here is a little information to help you make your decision.

Using a meal plan to help a picky eater

This video explains how using a meal plan can help a picky eater and make meal times less stressful.

Picky eaters vs problem feeders

Comparing picky eaters and problem feeders and knowing the difference.

Eating out with a picky eater

How to set up for success - tips on eating out with your picky eater!

Mealtime bullying has to stop

A few words regarding mealtimes and the pressure we put on ourselves and our little ones.

How to use the Learning about Food Placemat

In this video we give you some helpful hints about how to use our Learning about Food Placemat! Download Your Free Placemat Now!

Different ways to look at food

Reading 'I Will Never, Not Ever Eat A Tomato' and looking at the different ways to look at food. This might give you a few ideas to introduce around the dinner table, to make

How speech pathologists assist with feeding difficulties in newborns

Ever wondered how a speech pathologist can help with feeding a newborn? Check out this video to learn the ways a speech pathologist can help you take the stress out of feeding time.

Free ‘Learning About Food’ Placemat

YAY! Giveaway time. You can print and laminate your own copy of this handy placemat that takes the pressure out of learning about new or different foods to make it easier for your child to

Learning To Use Cutlery

I'm often asked how to help a child who is interested in using cutlery but can't quite do it themselves. Here's a short video of Alex who is right at this stage. As you can