What stage of play is your child playing at?

Did you know there are stages of play? This video will help you understand what stage of play your little one is at.

How playing peek a boo helps your baby learn

Does your baby love playing peek a boo? This video tells you the benefits of the game your little ones loves.

Social interactions and autism – disordered, not absent

Discussing social interactions with children who have autism

Using level of play to help two word phrases

Some tips on using play to encourage two word phrases.

Teach your baby to say Mum

A couple of great ways to help you teach your little one to say 'mum.'


Looking at how children play is different to the way adults play. How to test yourself and learn to play like your little one!

Using an interactive puzzle to start a conversation

How to use an interactive puzzle to initiate a conversation with your little one can be a great way to get them talking and progressing with their speech and confidence!

Turning car play into social skills learning time

This video give you one example of a fun way to turn your child’s solo play into an opportunity for social skills learning time.

How to play with a child with Autism

The key to playing with your child if they have autism is to be able to engage with them. Here we share a simple strategy that will enable you to be able to engage more

Delay vs Disorder

Rachel explains some of the terms that your Speech Pathologist might use to describe your child's difficulties: Delay: following normal pattern of development but behind for their age. Disorder: following a different pattern of development.