Birth order and speech and language difficulties

Have you ever wondered if the birth order of your children contributes to speech and language difficulties? This video has the answer for you!

Why children have trouble learning to talk

Ever wondered why some children have difficulty learning to talk? This video gives you a brief understanding of some of the reasons why some children experience difficulties when it comes to learning to talk.

My child is stuttering, should I be worried?

Can you hear a stutter when your child speaks? Here is a video to help you understand when it's a good time to seek assistance.

How to know if your baby is at risk of speech and language delay

This video tells you about some of the signs that your baby may be at risk of language delay.

2 year old with 4 words

Does your 2 year old only know a few words? Here are some tips!

Using level of play to help two word phrases

Some tips on using play to encourage two word phrases.

Sounds vs Letters

Teaching your child to understand the difference between letter sounds and letter names is very important when it comes to learning to read and write.

Speech vs Language

Decoding your speech pathologist! Sometimes it's hard to understand your child and sometimes it's even harder to understand their speech therapist. What your therapist means when they talk about speech and language. Definition of some

How to play with a child with Autism

The key to playing with your child if they have autism is to be able to engage with them. Here we share a simple strategy that will enable you to be able to engage more

Delay vs Disorder

Rachel explains some of the terms that your Speech Pathologist might use to describe your child's difficulties: Delay: following normal pattern of development but behind for their age. Disorder: following a different pattern of development.